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Report on Household Food Insecurity

In a new report on household food insecurity, it is concluded that that despite Canada’s economic recovery, the number of Canadians struggling to put food on the table because of food insecurity is not abating. In fact, the problem appears to have persisted or grown in every province and territory.

Four million Canadians, including 1.15 million children, lived in households that struggled to afford the food they needed in 2012.

The report demonstrates for the first time ever the extent to which our cities are struggling with the problem. Among the 33 major census metropolitan areas examined, food insecurity in 2011-12 was highest in Halifax, affecting about 1 in 5 households, followed by Moncton (17.8%), Guelph (16.4%) and Barrie.

Link to the report here: Household Food Insecurity in Canada, 2012.