Making positive change in Centre Wellington

Minimize return to the pre-COVID status quo

Great new report from the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness…

Proposals to end homelessness:

  1. Increase People’s Capacity to Pay
  2. Pursue Opportunities to Acquire and Re-deploy Existing Properties as Permanent Supportive Housing
  3. Rapidly Expand the Stock of Permanent Supportive Housing Using Modular Units
  4. Expand Funding to Construct Permanent Supportive Housing
  5. Strengthen Homeless Prevention
  6. Expand the Supply of New Affordable Housing
  7. Expand Supply of Non-market Housing Owned and Managed by Indigenous Peoples for Indigenous Peoples
  8. Create Funding Mechanism to Enable Non-profit Purchase of Existing Market Rental Assets
  9. Restrict Sale of NOAH Properties

Get the report here: click.