Making positive change in Centre Wellington


The Social Justice Group started in February 2011. Our first goal was to find out the facts about the existence and extent of poverty in Centre Wellington. As we considered our potential role in our township, we decided against activities that address people’s emergency needs – agencies like the food bank and the Community Resource Centre do that well in our community. We also decided against action on a political or policy level, such as calling for changes in tax rules and so on. What we decided to try to make a difference in are the things in our community that create the circumstances in which poverty comes to be, or the things that make living in poverty worse.

Through a series of what we called “community discussions” in 2012, we identified 3 areas that we could work on in addition to continuing to gather and disseminate information about poverty in our community. The 3 areas are: food and food security, transportation, and housing.

Our priority in 2015 and 2016 is food and food security, and the contribution that accessible food can make to social inclusion and community solidarity.

We meet monthly at St. James Anglican Church in Fergus… usually on the second Monday of the month, from 7-9 pm.