Support for Circles Wellington County, please …

Show your support for reducing poverty throughout Wellington County by making a meal! Burritos, chili, ham and scallop potatoes, beef and vegetarian stews, make your own sandwiches, lasagna and shepherds pie …. these are just some of the delicious meals the participants in the Circles Wellington County have enjoyed on Wednesday evenings since the group began meeting in September 2015. A big thank you goes out to the individuals and groups from Arthur, Mount Forest, Fergus, Drayton and Guelph who have generously provided the Leaders (low income individuals) and Allies (volunteers) with meals each week.

They are now looking for meals for their meetings in April, May and June. Attached is some information about the Circles program: click here and here.

Basically they need nutritious meals for 15 adults at 5:30pm each Wednesday. The meetings are at the Arthur United Church, but arrangements can also be made for someone to pick up the meal from you if you are not able to deliver it between 4 and 5pm on Wednesday.

Please email Circles Wellington County for available dates. And as always, if you are unable to to assist at this time, please feel free to share this information with someone who you think can.