20,000 Homes Campaign

Guelph & Wellington is a participating community in this Canada-wide campaign…. More information in February.

These principles guide the campaign:

Housing First
Permanent, safe, appropriate and affordable housing with the support necessary to sustain it, happens first and fast. We believe housing is a right for all Canadians.

Knowing who’s out there
Every homeless person is known by name because someone has deliberately gone out onto the streets, into shelters and wherever necessary to find them, assess their needs and meet them where they are at.

Tracking our progress
Local teams and the national campaign will use regularly collected, person-specific data to accurately track progress toward our goal. We will be transparent in our progress through good times and bad.

Improving local systems
We will seek to build coordinated housing and support systems that are simple to navigate, while targeting resources quickly and efficiently to the people who need it the most.

Resolutely focused on our mission
We are not interested in who gets credit or who gets blame. We are only interested in achieving our objective and ending homelessness.

Taking action
We favour action over perfection and will find a way to meet our objectives, despite the challenges that will come

For more information about the Canada-wide campaign: www.20khomes.ca